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About us

Back in 2018, “Wealthy Moggie Innovation Co., Ltd.” started from three cat lovers who realized the negative effects of cat litters in the market to their cats' health. Plus, more than 90% of cat litter available in Thailand are imported products. They are strongly inspired to develop high quality cat litter which is 100% chemical free to substitute imported cat litters and to export it to other countries.


One of the three co-founders is a researcher with an expertise and experience in developing high-value products from agricultural resources; he explored different kinds of agricultural resources and found that cassava has high potential to be a raw material to produce cat litter. After 2 years of research and development, the technology for production of cat litter from Thai cassava was successfully established. With the intention to introduce this high quality cat litter to the market as well as to further develop Thai cassava into other products, the company “Wealthy Moggie Innovation Co. Ltd.” was founded in 2020 as the first and only in the world who manufactures and sells 100% cassava-based cat litter, under the brand 'Hide and Seek'.


Abstract Architect


To become the world’s leading manufacturer of cat litter chosen by 'every cat owner' and 'every cat'.


  • To manufacture cat litter which is friendly to cat, human, and environment.

  • To create high-value products from agricultural resources of Thailand.

  • To promote research activities in Thailand and develop world-class technology for cat litter.

List of Partners in Thailand

Wealthy Moggie Innovation introduces cat litter produced from agricultural resources of Thailand. We have an innovation for production of high-quality cat litter. We also empathize on collaboration with business partners to grow sustainably together.


Presently, we already have many business partners in Thailand, also working with international partners to fulfill our vision as the world’s leading manufacturer of cat litter.

List of our business partners in Thailand:

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