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The BEST gift for your cats!

Innovative ' 100% cassava cat litter '

  • Long Lasting Odor Control

  • 100% Chemical & Fragrance Free

  • Quick Clumping

  • Saver - 3.5x Absorbent Power!

  • Does not cause kidney stones or respiratory disease

  • Safe to Flush

  • Applicable even for kittens!

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HIDE & SEEK Cat Litter from Cat Lovers


Hide&Seek was developed with the goal of providing SAFE and ECO-FRIENDLY cat litter for both KITTIES and their OWNERS. We sought the best quality ingredients for your cats and kittens, and... ta-da! We found 100% NATURAL CASSAVA roots direct from the farm in Thailand. Chemical and fragrance free, your cat will love it and you will love how it absorbs the smell. GIVE IT A TRY... your cat will love you even more!

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Our HIDE & SEEK Products

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Validated by Scientific Methods

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Fast Clumping & Flushable

HIDE & SEEK is fast clumping and easily scoop! It is also flushable.

Best Odor Control

The ammonia test shows that HIDE & SEEK cat litter (left side) can reduce the evaporation of ammonia solution better than ordinary cat litters.

Recommended by Veterinarians

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Hide & Seek Cat Litter

We are 'Hider and Seeker Friendly'.

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Available now at both Pet Shops and Online Platform

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