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The BEST gift for your cats!

Innovative ' 100% cassava cat litter '

  • Long Lasting Odor Control

  • 100% Chemical & Fragrance Free

  • Quick Clumping

  • Saver - 3.5x Absorbent Power!

  • Does not cause kidney stones or respiratory disease

  • Safe to Flush

  • Applicable even for kittens!

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HIDE & SEEK Cat Litter from Cat Lovers


Hide&Seek was developed with the goal of providing SAFE and ECO-FRIENDLY cat litter for both KITTIES and their OWNERS. We sought the best quality ingredients for your cats and kittens, and... ta-da! We found 100% NATURAL CASSAVA roots direct from the farm in Thailand. Chemical and fragrance free, your cat will love it and you will love how it absorbs the smell. GIVE IT A TRY... your cat will love you even more!

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Our HIDE & SEEK Products

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Validated by Scientific Methods

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Fast Clumping & Flushable

HIDE & SEEK is fast clumping and easily scoop! It is also flushable.

Best Odor Control

The ammonia test shows that HIDE & SEEK cat litter (left side) can reduce the evaporation of ammonia solution better than ordinary cat litters.

Recommended by Veterinarians

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Hide & Seek Cat Litter

We are 'Hider and Seeker Friendly'.

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Available now at both Pet Shops and Online Platform

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Get to know us


HIDE & SEEK Litter is not only all domestic natural but designed to make everything easier! Easier to scoop, easier to seek and easier to clean. On top of that we are made from 100% Thai farmed Cassava, with no chemicals or fragrances. HIDE & SEEK All Domestic Natural Cat litter is biodegrade and a renewable resource. Our litter is benefit for those with asthma or sensitive senses of smell and also safe for younger cats.

Why choose Hide & Seek

  • 99% Dust Free

  • 100% Organic Material

  • Flushable 

  • Outstanding Odor Control

  • Fast & Retain Scooping

  • Fragrance-free

  • Safe for Kittens

User's Feed back

Feed back from customer is our priority concern. WMI Company is keeping develop Best Quality Cat Litter for Customer's beloved cat and also themselves. To make living with pets Happier and easier.

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